The world will look after itself

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I think this green issue is a step too far. I called in a shop in Ripley and picked up a pair of boots, took them to the checkout and was asked if I wanted a bag to put them in.

I asked if I have to pay for a bag and the lady says ‘yes’ 5p. So I said ‘well put them in the box’ then she said that there was no boxes to put them in so I said ‘well put them back on the shelf’ and walked out. 
All this hype about what we are doing to the planet - is it just the UK that poisoning the planet with this plastic hysteria? 
As I see it and listening to both sides it is stalemate. I think there is an underling thing going on here and that is the government is putting all this doom and gloom about what we are doing to the planet and people are swallowing it and the government says right we have got the public hooked so let’s look at what taxes we can get out of them. Just look at the US, Russia, China, India not doing anything about green issues. And what we are doing is not making a scrap of difference to the planet. And as far as plastic goes all we see is plastic bags and bottles - what about cars, furniture, building products - they have all got plastic in some form or another. And all these films on TV saying what we are doing to the planet are not taken in the UK. They are stage managed by the lunatic left wing. If it was left to them we would all be lighting candles so I say let’s all live in the real world as it will look after itself and the people that live in it.

Alan Warner


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