LETTER: Training for doctors is being ‘sidelined’

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The recent review by the General Medical Council of patient care at hospitals in the East Midlands highlights the urgent need to address concerns raised over the levels of medical education and training for junior doctors.

Patient care is at risk with doctors reporting a lack of continuity of care as staff shortages, lack of resources and growing patient demand has meant that important training for doctors is being sidelined to cope with increasing pressures.

Indeed, doctors said they regularly worked longer than they should and often had to use their own personal time and holiday to attend clinics or teaching session and take medical exams.

With recruitment and retention a main concern for the NHS, the last thing we need is a generation of disillusioned doctors, who despite their best efforts, are not getting the appropriate support.

There should never have to be a compromise between patient care and a level of training a doctor receives. Instead, the Government must work to ensure there is a long term, credible plan to address staff shortages in the NHS and deliver the fully funded and supported health service that staff want and patients deserve.

Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya

BMA Junior doctor committee,