LETTER: Tax-dodging super rich need to pay up

All who wish to live in a civilised law abiding society and enjoy all its benefits and privileges should morally be obligated to pay equally for that privilege. When the super rich are able to make use of all the facilities without paying their equal and fair share of the costs something is wrong.

With the use of sometimes dubious methods by unscrupulous lawyers and accountants the wealthy are able to abuse the system with impunity.

It is now time to deal with the problems. Those who abuse the system are in effect thieves and should be dealt with accordingly. Those who design and the systems wether lawyers or accountants should be charged with aiding and abetting fraud and theft. For too long they have been able to hide behind the saying “we are not doing anything illegal”. They and their political friends designed the system that allows the legal but morally indefensible malpractice.

Noel Beresford

By email

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