LETTER: Public did not ask for all this plastic

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All the shouting about plastic and what it is doing to the environment.

The British public did not ask for it. As I remember it, it was the best thing since sliced bread - George Brown deputy leader of the Labour party at the time came to Heanor to open Alida packaging on Heanor gate.

It makes me think that there is something that we are not being told about. They have programmes on TV showing what plastic bags are doing to the planet and to the world.

Well can all these doom mongers tell me how hospitals; food producers; brewers; TV and white goods makers; double glazing; car manufacturers are going to find other products? The list goes on and on - I can remember when you went to the Co-op and sugar was put in blue bags and everything was put in paper bags I don’t know the answer to this but as I see it people come before the environment - no people no environment.

Alan Warner

Denby Village

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