LETTER: Carillion - Trampled by greed

The collapse of Carillion should tell us many things.

With chaos and mismanagement at the top of the social ladder, it falls on the heads of those below. At the very bottom, ie the gutter, we have rough sleepers, and migrants in Calais. And, just like all the creatures in a rainforest; all the ‘creatures’ in the human jungle will use cunning and ingenuity to survive.

Unlike a rainforest, the human jungle has legal barriers, boundaries and limits to keep us in order. But when ‘creatures’ are fleeing poverty, violence, and starvation, some will ignore them.

Similarly, when people are greedy or rich, and want more, or want to remain rich, some will also overstep the mark. When a man climbs a barrier, or hides in a lorry to get to Britain, or begs and scavenges for food on the streets, they are effectively trying to get on the first rung of the social ladder. But when ‘creatures’ are queuing in the street to get into A&E, it should tell us they have little chance. How can you condemn a freezing/starving/ulcerated ‘creature’, for drinking turps or cheap cider, to kill the pain of fear, hunger and cold?

In witnessing congestion and gridlock; it’s all the ‘creatures’ on the middle of the ladder, fighting to get higher. In witnessing ‘creatures’ – on foot, bicycles and motorbikes, like ants in a rainforest – weaving through the gridlock, it amounts to ingenuity and necessity. In witnessing fly-tippers, and ‘creatures’ speeding down motorways in expensive cars; we basically see one ‘creature’ trying to climb out of the gutter, and another ignoring limits to stay on top.

A line drawn in sand between good and bad is easily blown away in a desert storm. The bottom line: ‘creatures’ at the bottom are being trampled on by greed and incompassion at the top.

Allan Ramsay

By email

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