LETTER: Andy Murray does have personality

With regard to the recent letter on Andy Murray and his suitability to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

I think that Mr Warner has fallen into the same trap that a lot of Strictly Come Dancing voters do. 
That is, that in a lot of people’s eyes the contestant has to be the life and soul of the party — maybe a stick on red nose and feather on the top of a woolly hat might help liven things up a bit?
Talent ? Who cares about talent and ability and achievement ?
 Actually I have always found that Andy Murray has a rather nice and quirky sense of humour.
He always comes over as being a bit shy and certainly very humble, especially when he has won. 
I suggest that people should keep a closer eye on the sports pages and read some of the generous things that hardened Fleet Street sports reporters have to say about him. 
For example, read up on how he supports, even when he is trying to physically recover, the lesser known British players. 
Did anyone read about how he made a special journey to make his own personal retirement present to the head locker room attendant at Wimbledon. 
No ? I thought not. The list of nice bits of “personality” goes on and on.
As for the so called knocking of England’s football team (as if it needed him to do it) there were three people I believe taking part in that private conversation.
Andy Murray, a well known national newspaper reporter and Tim Henman. 
I have heard both the reporter and Tim Henman talk about the actual things that were said. 
I had to turn the volume down on the radio.
I suggest that Mr Warner approaches Tim Henman or the reporter but, beware, take your earplugs with you .The reply and the venom with which it is given will NOT be pretty.

Paul Webber