LETTER: Abortion law change may ‘open floodgates’

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Campaigners’ fears that moves to decriminalise the killing of unborn babies in England and Wales will open the floodgates to abortion on demand are well founded.

Last year 185,824 abortions were carried out in England and Wales.

If these babies had reached adulthood they’d have filled Wembley Stadium twice, with room to spare.

I can’t help wondering if, amongst those babies was the one who, had he or she been allowed to live, would have found a cure for cancer or a cereal so productive it would have ended worldwide starvation.

Was there perhaps another Mozart or Mother Theresa amongst them?

After all Sir Alexander Fleming who discovered life-saving penicillin in 1928, was a baby in his mother’s womb before his birth in 1881.

Could the next move be to allow mothers to have their unwanted children killed as well?

After all in my lifetime the killing of unborn babies was unthinkable.

Granville V Stone