A wise few words to the people of Ripley, especially the shop owners and traders. Look at Heanor to see what another superstore will do to your town centre. We said what would happen to Heanor when Tesco and the precinct were built, no one listened now its a ghost town.

It sounds good, new store, housing, 300 jobs, but at what cost? Will the jobs be took up by people put of work from shop closures, shops shuttered up, businesses devastated.

Councillors go look at Heanor if this is what you want for Ripley.

Build your store people of Ripley, go take one look if its what you want for your town say nothing, if not protest, tell them you do not want this build. Make your voice heard loud and clear, make them listen.

We didn’t make enough noise about Heanor, look what happened, speak out before it’s too late.

Mr E. Purdy

Langley Mill