Global Warming - Shouldn’t we be celebrating?

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With the continued wonderful weather we have had recently, the global warming brigade are either panicking that the end of the world is just around the corner, or demanding that we return to the Stone Age.

When will they understand that ‘global warming’ is a perfectly normal phenomenon over many millennia that has seen wide ranges of temperatures. 
A vast amount of such changes occurred well before humans even appeared on the scene.

Earthquakes and erupting volcanoes are minor events on the global scale, and have their mechanics known in detail by scientists, but nothing can be done about it. 
Yet we are expected to ‘stop’ global warming. We might as well try to extinguish the sun by throwing snowballs at it.

To have the idea that ‘something can be done’ about weather variations is utterly ludicrous. The vast globe, mantled by its protective atmosphere, is not about to be changed by banning free plastic bags. Such ideas merely add to the household costs by having to pay for them. Where are the alternatives? I grew up with ‘shopping baskets’ and brown paper bags – and we still had hot summers and water shortages. 
Incidentally, the current threat of water shortages is the result of incompetence in the water industry, not the outside temperature. All our great rivers - around the world - are allowed to pour fresh water into the oceans with none of it being retained in reservoirs. Giant ice shelves break of Antarctica, without their pure water being harvested.

Instead of panicking or abolishing our hard-earned amenities, we should meeting the challenge of weather variations whether they be ice-ages or raised temperatures. Who is working on a replacement for plastic? Why no ‘carbon capture’ yet? When will someone realise that carbon dioxide is a gas that is vital for human existence? And when we learn that global warming is the cause of English sparkling wine that is now considered better than champagne – should we not be celebrating?

E C Coleman

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