22 years to payback

I READ in the Derbyshire Times about a proposed wind farm at Palterton.

Every action causes a reaction. Building these turbines and erecting them causes a carbon footprint that will take 22 years to payback.

Will it run for 22 years maintenance free? I do not think so . Catcliffe link at Sheffield is a classic example - three turbines erected 4-5 years ago, always one or two under repair, two stripped down at this moment.

Banks development claims nearby communities will benefit. How? The energy produced goes into the grid, the public buy it from the grid, Banks development get paid for every kilowatt that is produced from the Feed in Tariff scheme. Therefore, the grid prices are inflated to cover this scheme hence the energy cost increases this year at well above inflation.

We have thousands around the coastline and inland but they only produce six per cent of the nations electricity (is it worth it?).

Derek Adams

By email