Youngster commended by charity for coming to mum’s aid

Twelve-year-old Dylan Kift received a certificate for his first aid skills.
Twelve-year-old Dylan Kift received a certificate for his first aid skills.

An Ilkeston youngster has been commended by a health charity after his calmness and quick thinking helped save his mum in an emergency.

Dylan Kift, 12, has been awarded a commendation letter and certificate by the nation’s leading first aid charity, St John Ambulance.

It follows a recent incident where he came to the rescue of his mum Kate when she had gone into anaphylactic shock.

Dylan said: “You should never hope for bad things to happen but always be prepared in case they do.”

Kate and Dylan were at home when the incident began, and Kate used her epi-pen to deliver a dose of adrenaline then dialled 999 for an ambulance - but the adrenaline made her shaky so Dylan took over the call.

Kate said: ‘Dylan was calm, polite and he gave all of the information the ambulance operator needed.

“In fact he thought of additional information that the crew needed and made sure the ambulance could find the house.”

She added: “He continued to look after me, bringing a blanket and checking to make sure I was still conscious.

“The operator commented how calm and helpful he was and how he was handling the situation better than most adults.”

Dylan is a student at Swanwick School and Sports College, where the life-skills curriculum includes first aid training using St John Ambulance resources.

Headteacher Chris Greehough said: “We feel very strongly that first aid is an important life skill and one that should be made available to all school children.

“All of our pupils who have received first aid training say they have thoroughly enjoyed it and have gained so much from it.”

He added: “As a school we are very proud of all our pupils and their achievements and this is especially the case in how well Dylan handled the situation when his mum became seriously ill.

“He was able to take what he had been taught and adapt it to suit the situation in which he found himself.”

After the ambulance arrived at the house, Dylan let the crew in and made sure they could access everything they needed then helped them look after Kate until her husband arrived home.

Kate said: “I am very thankful that the school worked with St John Ambulance to teach the children about CPR and what to do in an emergency.

“If it wasn’t for their course, Dylan wouldn’t have handled the situation as confidently or calmly as he did.”

She added: “Teaching life saving skills to children is so important and although you never think your child will ever use it, you will be so grateful and proud when they do.”

For more information about St John Ambulance’s youth programmes, call 0303 0030101 or visit www.sja.org.uk/youth.