Young LEJOG cyclist aims to raise £10,000 for charity

David Nieper Academy student Kian Pearson hopes to be the youngest person to cycle across the UK in 14 days.

A Somercotes youngster is gearing up to begin a year of training as he plans an epic fundraising bike ride in memory of his grandad.

Kian Pearson, 12, has set his sights on making the 998-mile journey from Land’s End to John O’Goats next summer, and becoming the youngest person ever to complete it in 14 days.

He is hoping to raise £10,000 for Dementia UK and its work supporting families affected by the degenerative condition.

His dad Ian will ride alongside Kian, and joked: “This is all his idea - it’s definitely not mine at 48 years old.”

The pair took on another ride to Skegness last year for another charity, which gave Kian the idea after his grandad, Keith Hutchinson, died on New Year’s Eve.

Ian said: “They were very close and it hit Kian really badly at first. He’s alright now with something to focus on.

“Keith had dementia, and now my mum has its early stages, and Kian is always asking questions and wanting to learn about what it means.”

With the school holidays approaching, father and son are aiming to spend as much time as they can out on the road to start building up their fitness levels.

Ian said: “We’ll be training at the leisure centre and going out to Skegness, Buxton—we’ve got to get up to riding 83 miles in a day.”

He thinks Kian will have no problem with the commitment needed: “Once he puts his mind to something, he’ll do it. He’s like a machine.”

Ian, Kian and mum Tracey hope to get sponsorship and support from the local business community.

They have already scored one win after clothing company David Nieper, which sponsors Kian’s school, agreed to design custom cycling gear for the ride.

A fundraising page will be online soon, but to discuss sponsorship now go to

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