yobs trash kids’ garden

Waingroves School Garden Vandalised. Left to right, Lottie Green, teacher Amy Dobson, Morgan Clark.
Waingroves School Garden Vandalised. Left to right, Lottie Green, teacher Amy Dobson, Morgan Clark.

MINDLESs yobs who wrecked a school garden in Waingroves have been branded ‘despicable’.

Staff and pupils at Waingroves Primary School were confronted by scenes of destruction on Monday morning when they discovered uprooted shrubs and fruit trees, trampled flowerbeds and overturned compost bins.

The attack, which happened sometime over the weekend, has sparked fears that the school could face a resurgence of vandal attacks and break-ins after a three-year respite brought about by improved security measures.

School administrator Fay Pickering said: “They have wrecked the garden area and they have ruined two raised flowerbeds. They have just uprooted everything. We don’t know exactly when it happened – sometime over the weekend.

“We’re all quite shocked at this. Only last week we started putting nice things into the ground. The fruit trees were only planted last week.”

Headteacher Amarjeet Challand said: “The children are really, really upset. I find it despicable that anyone could do that to a club run by the children and the community.

“This was malicious – nothing else in school was touched even though there were early-year toys out in the playground.”

Mrs Challand suspects the vandals used an overhanging tree to climb over the fence and is calling on Amber Valley Brough Council to cut it down. But with half-term approaching, she fears further attacks.

Eight-foot high fences and locked gates were introduced at the school in 2007 at a cost of £70,000 after repeated break-ins and vandal attacks saw school benches smashed and computers stolen.

Mrs Pickering added: “We don’t know how much damage has been done. What I think is not repeatable. It’s mindless vandalism.”

The garden is maintained by an after-school club, led by the headteacher and two members of staff, which is regularly attended by more than 20 children and their parents.

Police will now concentrating patrols in the area during half-term.