Yellow lines needed now to avert another accident

NRHNBE120423a1, Alexander Croft wants double yellow lines outside brookfield medical centre, Heanor.
NRHNBE120423a1, Alexander Croft wants double yellow lines outside brookfield medical centre, Heanor.

a HEANOR student whose car was hit at a ‘very dangerous’ junction on his home street is calling for safety measures to prevent more accidents.

Alexander Croft was driving along Howitt Street last week when a car emerged from the Brookfield Medical Centre’s exit and drove straight into him.

Alexander, 22, who studies business at Sheffield Hallam University, escaped injury but now wants double yellow lines put down on either side of the exit so sight lines are clear.

He said: “Thankfully I wasn’t injured. My car span 90 degrees around and looks like it’s going to be a right off. It’s a very serious safety hazard. It’s a very dangerous junction.

“I was hit by a car emerging from the driveway. Cars were parked right up to the entrance blocking the driveway.

“There shouldn’t be people directly parking outside the exit. This accident happened very close to home and it’s a road I’ve driven by many times. I have been driving since I was 18.”

Alexander says his car is now ‘undrivable’ and is currently using a courtesy car to commute to university in Shefield while he waits to hear about the damage.

He says the staff of Brookfield Medical Centre and the pharmacy have their own staff car park and the problem is caused by patients parking outside the front of the surgery.

A Derbyshire County Council spokesman said: “We received Mr Croft’s call and have already been out to look at the area. There were no cars parked there at the time and we do not feel there are any safety or parking issues. However, we will continue to monitor the situation.”

But Alexander is unhappy with this verdict. He said: “There are issues. If there were no cars parked there at the time that should indicate they have no business being there and that there should be double yellow lines.”

Amanda Clark, practise manager at the medical centre, said: “We do feel it’s a problem. It does get really busy. We want to try and prevent something happning again.

“It’s a very busy junction and lot of people park there. Although there are speed cameras at the top and halfway down Mansfield Road it doesn’t prevent people from speeding up again. Over the years there have been one or two minor bumps. If they did their inspection at lunch or early afternoon the junction is quieter because we don’t run surgeries at that time.”

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