Working hard over housing


In response to the article in the Ripley & Heanor News published on March 22, 2012, I would like to clarify a number of facts regarding the issue of housing development in Amber Valley.

The council has a duty to make provision for housing growth in Amber Valley. This will be based on an up to date assessment of housing requirements, which is currently being undertaken.

The council has explored and will continue to explore how the re-use of empty homes and the redevelopment of brownfield sites can make as much contribution as possible to meeting the requirement for housing growth.

At any moment in time, there are always sites with planning permission for housing development that have not yet come forward for development. The council has always taken into account and will continue to take into account the number of additional homes expected to come forward on these sites, in identifying how much additional land may need to be identified to meet the overall housing requirement.

Whilst the re-use of empty homes, the redevelopment of brownfield sites and existing planning permissions will make a significant contribution to housing growth, the council will still have to consider the need for development on greenfield sites and possibly land currently within the Greenbelt. It is important to emphasise, however, that no decisions have yet been made as to the number and location of specific sites to be identified and that this will be dependent on the overall requirement for housing growth.

The council will also have to demonstrate that its policies and proposals for housing development are consistent with the Government’s recently published National Planning Policy Framework.

Finally, I can advise the public that they will have a further opportunity to comment on the council’s policies and proposals for housing development, once it has agreed its preferred options later this year. “

Derek Stafford

Assistant Director Planning and Regeneration Derek Stafford said:

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