Work to start on WW1 project

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As the nation commemorates the First World War it is important that Ripley’s heritage in wartime is kept alive and can be interpreted in modern ways by new generations.

To achieve this the Ripley British Legion in partnership with Amber Valley Borough Council is implementing the WW1 Art and Memorial Project in Crossley Park.

A fictitious story has been developed depicting Tommy; the story is about Tommy and his friend Johntie who as young lads join up to fight in World War I, the story tells of their struggle on the front line, and the impact the war had on them and their families.

The story is interpreted on an information panel which will also take the reader to a website to download an app for further information about the ‘Great War’, Ripley’s industry and lifestyle at that time, the panel will also tell the reader about Ripley today and how current wars are affecting the community.

Pictures have been drawn by students from Lon’s School depicting Tommy’s story; each picture is to be re-made into a mosaic. The finished mosaics are to be mounted on nine stone plinths which will encircle the bandstand, each plinth and mosaic will have an excerpt from the ‘Tommy Story’.

The last plinth will hold the old memorial plaque from the hidden area of the park, and the sundial will be re-sited and altered slightly to show the 11th hour on the 11th day in November.

The educational part of the project will be a downloadable app that can be used by anyone, including schools to learn more about wartime Ripley.

The project has been funded by Amber Valley Borough Council, Ripley Town Council and the Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant through Ripley British Legion.

Work is about to start, and will be completed in time for a rededication on November 11, 2014.