Woman runs seven miles with a broken ankle

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A BRAVE woman ran the final seven miles of the Great North Run with a broken ankle.

Esther Broughton, of Ripley Running Club, trod on a water bottle after six miles and thought she had turned her ankle, but managed to drag herself to the finish line and complete the race in two hours and ten minutes.

Her husband Stephen said: “I eventually found her afterwards in the field hospital as she was about to be whisked off, in the ambulance, to hospital where they confirmed that she had broken her ankle.

“Esther was so determined to finish the race that she ran the final seven miles with a broken ankle. It’s amazing.”

Esther ran the race in aid of Macmillan, the cancer support charity that provided care for her dad who died in February.

Stephen said: “She had trained hard and was determined to do well in her dad’s name.

“We are all very proud of her.”

Esther’s JustGiving page had a target of £395, but had smashed through that barrier and was recently at £536.