Woman linked to robbery gang

An Eastwood woman was given a suspended prison sentence for money laundering offences after she was linked to two armed robberies.

Roxanne Wilson was given a nine month suspended sentence last week where she appeared in court linked to two armed robberies on security guards in Sheffield and Leicester.

One of the victims was threatened with a hammer and the other a baseball bat, and the robbers escaped with over £70,000 csah.

Wilson, 25, of Moon Crescent, received a nine month sentence, suspended for two years and 150 hours of community service for the criminal handling of property.

Four of the defendents were locked up for between eight and 12 years for armed robbery, one was locked up for two years for possessing criminal property and another for 15 months for the criminal handling of property and an unrelated matter.

The G4S security guards had been delivering cash at Tesco and Nationwide. To date just over a quarter of the dyed stained money has been recovered.

Investigating Officer DCI Lecky Grewal said it was an ‘organised criminal outfit’, who executed plans with ‘an alarming level of violence’

All seven were sentenced on August 10 at Leicester Crown Court.