Woman dies of hypothermia, inquest hears

A 78-YEAR-old Codnor woman who lived on a diet of custard and tiny cheese sandwiches died of hypothermia.

Monica Toone, of Nottingham Road, had a body temperature of just 32.9 degrees celsius on admission to Royal Derby Hospital. The normal temperature should be 37.

Dr Ivan Robinson told a Derby inquest that Mrs Toone had a kidney infection, which led to aspiration pneumonia and ultimately hypothermia.

Mrs Toone, who only weighed between 35kg and 41kg, died on April 27 after being found on her bed at home by friend Janet Hatton.

Mrs Hatton told the inquest that in the 17 years she had known Mrs Toone, she had never known her eat a hot meal.

Assistant deputy coroner Louise Pinder said that Mrs Toone died of natural causes.