Woman died just hours after 45th wedding anniversary

THE INQUEST into the death of a South Wingfield woman who died hours after her 45th wedding anniversary has heard she died from a perforation to her bowel.

Patricia Wetton died aged 65 at Derby City General Hospital on October 5, 2008 from peritonitis caused by a perforation in her bowel.

Her death followed an operation to remove part of her colon in order to stop potentially cancerous cells spreading to her bowel. It emerged she did not have cancer.

The South Derbyshire Coroner’s Court heard she had the operation on September 4 and began to make a good recovery. However she deteriorated three days later, complaining of abdominal pains caused by a perforation to her bowel.

Surgeons then performed a laparotomy, successfully closing a perforation to her bowel which was causing the organ to leak contents. However, her condition failed to improve and she died a month later .

Recording a narrative verdict Deputy Coroner Louise Pinder said: “No evidence was heard at the inquest as to precisely how or when this perforation developed, although a number of theoretical but unlikely explanations were discussed. The mechanism behind the perforation therefore remains unascertained.”

At a previous hearing, Doctor Ivan Robinson, who performed the post mortem examination, believed her death may have been caused by a second hole that could have gone unnoticed during the laparotomy. However the theory was discounted after surgeon Amin El-Tahir gave further evidence.