Wine and cheese night wows care home residents

Cheese and biscuits
Cheese and biscuits

In a residential care home, one would expect certain types of entertainment: bingo, coffee mornings and raffles, for example.

But for Millington Springs Care Centre on Portland Road, Selston, this is not enough! The centre has recently introduced a wine and cheese evening for all the residents and their families.

Everyone in attendance is able to enjoy a selection of wines from various regions; learning all about the different types of wine, how they are made, what dishes each type of wine goes with and the correct way to drink from a wine glass. The selection of cheeses also changes every week, and the residents have enjoyed everything from British cheddar cheese to the Dutch gouda.

But the wine and cheese event isn’t just an evening of fun; it is used as a way to encourage communication between the residents and staff.

Each event allows the residents the opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences within the centre, allowing Millington Springs to identify opportunities for improvement, and put these improvements into practice. This relaxed and social environment makes the feedback process easier and more in-depth. It creates better communication between staff and residents, ensuring residents get the best possible experience.

The special evening is organised by Brian Dragoonis, the liaison and customer service manager at Elder Homes Group and has been introduced into many of its sites across the country.

The first few events have been a roaring success with large numbers turning out.