Widespread introduction of 20mph speed limits in Derbyshire ruled out

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Council chiefs have ruled out a widespread introduction of 20mph speed limits across Derbyshire.

Last summer, Derbyshire County Council launched a consultation on the proposal.

The council has agreed that 20mph schemes should be considered in areas with high casualty rates.

However, A and B routes would not become 20mph limits at this time, according to a report approved by councillors.

The report states: “Given the strength of support for 20mph limits in Derbyshire, the council should be more open to introducing them in areas where the circumstances are appropriate.

“Given the current budget restraints, priority should always be given to schemes in areas where there is a high casualty rate.

“Where a scheme is introduced there needs to be continual engagement with the community.

“The costs of rolling out area-wide schemes in Bristol and Lancashire were £2.3million and £6m respectively.

“Our review did not feel this approach was merited in Derbyshire in the absence of collision histories comparable to those areas.”

The council will consider a widespread introduction of 20mph schemes when the Government publishes a report on the effectiveness of the limits.

The report adds: “The use of 20mph limits in urban areas to reduce speed and road traffic casualties has been well established across the country for a number of years.”