Why Amber Valley recycles


Why recycle?

Your recyclable materials are a valuable resource, from the newspapers and magazines that you read to the packaging material used to protect your food.

All of these materials require energy to extract them and even more energy to turn them into new products. The process of extracting resources is damaging to the environment destroying natural habitats and causing pollution. As the earth’s population increases there will be an increasingly shorter supply of resources.

Therefore, we can no longer afford to throw our valuable resources away and bury them in landfill sites. Instead resources should be re-cycled into useful products.

Every three months residents in Amber Valley recycle approximately 735 tonnes of glass bottles and jars. That’s just over 1.4 million bottles recycled, creating enough energy to make 3.5 million cups of tea!

Over 118 tonnes of food and drink cans which is enough metal to make around 100 cars.

1,612 tonnes of newspaper and cardboard, saving nearly 100 trees! All newsprint in the UK contains around 78 per cent of recycled paper.

Over one tonne of electrical items including old TVs and washing machines.

The electrical items are dismantled and the parts are used again in items such as mobile phones, game consoles, and even jewellery.

Items such as Tetrapaks, plastic bags or electrical items should not be put into the grey bin.

These items cannot be recycled through the grey bin system instead they can be recycled at supermarkets or Loscoe Household Waste Recycling Centre at Taylor Lane.

For more call 01773 841326 or visit www.ambervalley.gov.uk/recyclingisntrubbish