What to do in the garden this week

Clear fallen leaves and recycle them to make leafmould.

Collect plant supports and canes to store for winter.

Fork over the soil between plants in established borders to loosen the surface. Remove weeds then spread on a layer of well-rotted compost.

Rake and scarify lawns removing thatch and accumulated debris.

Propagate hedging varieties of conifers from cuttings, using shoots of the new growth.

Root directly into gritty soil in a cold frame.

:: Sprinkle fertiliser over areas to be planted up this autumn.

:: Clean and tidy established strawberry beds, removing weeds and any runners growing between rows.

:: Cut all ferny asparagus shoots down to soil level.

:: Sow sweet peas in deep containers in cold frames.

:: Continue to plant out wallflowers, primulas, forget-me-nots, pansies and other bedding plants for spring displays.

:: Top-dress lawns with a layer of gritty loam-based compost.

:: Finish potting on rooted cuttings and seedlings in the greenhouse.

:: Remove pond pumps and filters for winter storage.