Hour-by-hour forecast as temperatures set to hit 35C in Derbyshire - but will it beat the hottest day on record?

As Derbyshire bakes in extreme heat today - here is an hour-by-hour forecast of how hot it is going to be.

The county is set to reach highs of 35C, but, London could reach highs of 38C today.

Children playing in water.

Children playing in water.

Police urge Y Not goers to go prepared as record temperatures and thunderstorms set for festival

The hottest day on record in England was during the sweltering August heat-wave in 2003 when temperatures hit 38.5C.

So only time will tell if today beats the hottest day on record.

There is also still a yellow weather warning in place for thunderstorms, which runs from 3pm today till 4pm tomorrow.

Derbyshire might be hit by a thunder storm around 5pm followed by sun, and then the chance of thunderstorms through the night.

Thunderstorms set to strike Derbyshire as temperatures soar to shocking 35°C

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast in Derbyshire

9am - 23°C

10am - 26°C

11am - 29°C

Noon - 32°C

1pm - 34°C

2pm - 35°C

3pm - 34°C

4pm - 35°C

5pm - 32°C

6pm - 32°C

7pm - 32°C

8pm - 30°C

9pm - 28°C

10pm - 27°C

11pm - 26°C

Midnight - 25°C