We are not making fight political

After the article on the future of the Ormiston Academy, formerly Bennerley school, (December 6), I have to say that the comment by our MP in alleging that I am trying to make this political over the school’s future is rubbish.

What I and over 1,000 petitioners and many other concerned local people are trying to do is to make Ormiston stick to their agreement and develop this Cotmanhay site as a teaching establishment as agreed with the financial award by Government to Ormiston to make this an academy of excellence for today’s students and future students to develop their skills. Since this debacle started by Ormiston,

Derbyshire County Council (Conservative) and a local Conservative councillor have been extremely supportive of the promises made by Ormiston to stick to their word and use the £7.4m of Government money to improve the buildings and education standards for now and the future.

Time is of the essence now and, whilst the view is that Ormiston will be undertaking a sham of deliberation and manipulating the comments received to suit their own ends, you are still on the fence giving other options with no foundation or agreement.

Cllr Brian Lucas

Councillor for Cotmanhay and governor of Ormiston Enterprise Academy