‘We all believe in something’

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Sarah Foster is passionate about trying to help others. Whether that be by cutting their hair, donating funds, raising awareness or... predicting their future.

The 29-year-old medium claims to have prevented several accidents and incidents by using her spiritual intuition, as well as connecting people with their loved ones who have passed.

The mum-of-three from Codnor understands that not everyone may believe in what she does, but begs them to be open to the idea and try it before snubbing it.

She said: “People are quick to call me crazy or laugh, but I am serious about what I do and I’ve seen it help people.”

Sarah was originally welcomed to the world of mediums years ago after her dad met with one. It opened her eyes and helped her deal with a personal tragedy.

“It was a difficult period in my life, I had suffered abuse, and then my grandmother passed away and I was struggling to cope with all my emotions and the grief of losing a close family member.

“I took an interest in spiritualism and slowly began to hear voices in my head. That sounds crazy – they weren’t bad voices and they didn’t tell me to do bad things. But then I started just knowing things I couldn’t explain why or how I knew. It really freaked me out to start with and took a while to get used to.

“It was things like I could look at a car and say that is going to break – and it did.

“Initially I thought they were just lucky guesses but as time went on it seemed strange that I kept getting things right – too much of a coincidence.

“It has taken a lot of time and practice to be able to understand and use them creatively to help others but I am very spiritual and that has helped me through. I do believe that we all need to put our faith in something, whether that be a theory, a feeling, a religion – everyone has a different opinion about how the world works and we should respect those, even if they are different to our own.”

Sarah, who set up her own Facebook page Healing Hearts offers a wide range of services including readings to connect with loved ones that have crossed over, tarot readings, guidance and healing.

“I’m clairsentience, which means I get clear feelings from spirit and can feel the same physical problem they had which could have lead to their cause of death or ailments.

“I have the ability to have an impression of what the spirit wants to communicate and can connect through feeling. Keeping an open mind always results in positive readings, I do my best to help people that may need closure if possible.”

Healing Hearts is not yet an established business, but Sarah who works at a beauty salon, hopes it will become full-time one day.

“It would be incredible to be able to do that full-time but it is still very early days and that seems a long way off. But I am lucky to get very positive feedback – I’m very rarely wrong.

“I love doing readings but it can be very physically and emotionally draining. At the moment I am mainly just giving reading to family and close friends. I don’t always feel comfortable charging them but the small fees I do charge I save up and donate to people in the community who need help or extra support. I am not against giving to big charities however, I think it’s nice to see first-hand how it is benefitting others.

“Helping other people in whatever way I can is so important to me and something I hope to continue doing in the future.”

In the meantime Sarah is writing a book about her experiences which she has said is a very therapeutic experience.

She added: “I feel very humbled by the gift I have been given and it is not something I would play with, I want to share it. Such bad things happen in today’s world – what’s so wrong with having something to believe in?”

For more visit: www.facebook.com/HealingHeartsMedium.