Water butts are needed


Whilst understanding the sadness of Ms Ledger at the death of her neighbour’s cat (‘Warning after cat drowns’. I must take issue with her description of a water butt as a ‘ridiculous contraption’, and cannot see a butt as an eco-product ‘beyond the realms of normality’.

Whilst we all should take sensible precautions to make our gardens safe for people, domestic animals and wildlife, we should also take steps to conserve our natural resources. She describes butts as unnecessary in a county that has ‘it’s (sic) fair share of rainfall’, and this as Tom Whipple, science correspondent of The Times, reports that ‘an area stretching from Chesterfield to Scarborough has now joined much of the country in receiving the official designation (of drought)’.

I hope that readers will consider ways of safely conserving a precious commodity, continue to use suitably protected butts and consider acquiring one if they have not already done so.

A Pocklington