WATCH & LISTEN: Derbyshire man sings song to raise mental health awareness

A Derbyshire man has written a song to raise awareness of mental health.

Steven Hewitt penned and performed Life Goes On and uploaded the video to social media, where it has received thousands of views and widespread praise.

Steven, 35, said: “Like lots of people, I’ve had a few issues with mental health and I’ve suffered a bit.

“It’s an issue which is close to my heart and with this song I wanted to get across the message that ‘you are not alone’ and I also wanted to raise awareness of mental health and get more people talking about it.”

Steven, who is the lead singer of Chesterfield band Ovacast, said the video had been viewed more than 7,000 times on his Facebook page and shared by hundreds of people and organisations.

“I’m really pleased it’s reached so many people and I’m happy to be able to raise awareness,” added the Hollingwood man.

“I plan on writing more songs about mental health in the future – there’s so much more I want to say.”

According to the charity Mind, mental health problems can affect the way you think, feel and behave.

They affect around one in four people in Britain and range from common problems such as depression and anxiety to more rare problems like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

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Life Goes On lyrics

We all have a weakness that makes us who we are

Even with the path in sight, it seems so far

Knowing the voice inside your head will tear you apart

But there a light that shines even when it’s dark

You are not alone anymore

It’s hard to sleep

But when I wake up next to you it helps me see

That life goes on

I know you’ll help me to stay strong

Surprising how lonely you can feel inside

Even with all the love around you, you hide

Hoping that one day soon the pain will go away

Don’t give up hope, tomorrow may be that day