Warwick Davis filming new Series in Heanor

Warwick Davis at Mr Vacuum Heanor
Warwick Davis at Mr Vacuum Heanor

Hollywood actor Warwick Davis visited Heanor this week to film at the town’s vacuum cleaner repair store and museum for his upcoming ITV television show.

The famous 3ft 6in actor and television presenter, known for his appearances in films such as the Harry Potter series, Star Wars and hit television series An Idiot Abroad was in Heanor to film part of the second series of ITV show ‘Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis’.

Social media sites were awash with reports of the 3ft 6ins tall actor being in town on Thursday, August 14, which prompted people to rush into town to spot the top star and capture ‘selfie’ pictures with him, which he was more than willing to pose for.

He was spotted in many town centre shops up and down the high street.

He visited along with his family during filming for an an episode of Weekend Escapes, which will see them travel the country visiting popular 
tourist and holiday destinations.

They were in Heanor to visit Mr Vacuum Cleaner vacuum cleaner sales, service and repair specialists and 
museum, as Warwick is said to be quite the fan of vacuuming!

Thrilled James Brown, owner of Mr Vacuum Cleaner said after the visit: “Warwick’s known to like Hoovering and I’ve been told he does it up to three times a day when he’s at home!”

“His family thought they’d surprise him as part of the show so they blindfolded him and brought him over from across the street.

“He was delighted when he came in and they removed the blindfold.”

While in the store he was given the challenge of matching popular brands of famous vacuum cleaners with the sound they produced as well as getting to test drive the newest model of his favourite vacuum cleaner the Kirby Sentria 2.

John spoke of his joy at having Warwick and his family in the shop and said the Hollywood actor was a delight to spend time with.

He said: “Warwick and his family were genuine, friendly and just lovely.

“He’s not at all what you would expect when you think of your typical celebrity.”

The new series of Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis that features Heanor is expected to air early next year.