Warning for Derbyshire car owners after series of suspicious incidents


Car owners in Derbyshire are being encouraged to be extra-vigilant following a series of suspicious incidents.

Police are warning Land Rover owners in Tideswell following a suspicious incident in the village.

Three men were seen to walk up the driveway of a property on Alma Road and try the handle of a Land Rover Discovery, before being disturbed by the homeowner in the early hours of Friday, January 15.

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Similar incidents involving Land Rovers have taken place in Buxton over the last week which has seen headlights and indicators being stripped from three vehicles.

Officers from the Tideswell, Litton, Baslow and Beeley Safer Neighbourhood Team are encouraging motorists, particularly Land Rover owners, to remain vigilant and to report suspicious activity to police as it is happening.

Anybody with information about these incidents should call police on 101.

Derbyshire Constabulary has also released the following list of advice for protecting your vehicle from thieves:

Before leaving your vehicle unattended, ensure that the windows are up and the vehicle is locked and secure. Most car thieves are opportunists; they will try door handles and target vehicles where they can get easy access.

Don’t leave your vehicle unlocked with the keys in the ignition while it warms up on a frosty morning. It would just take a few seconds for someone to jump in and drive away.

Never leave items on show, whether it is an expensive laptop or loose change. Even bags or clothing can be tempting to a thief in case there is something inside.

Remove all valuables from your vehicle whenever possible and wipe away any suction marks left behind by sat-nav or phone holders. This includes laptops, sat-navs, music players and also tools.

Thieves know where to look so avoid leaving valuables in your boot, glove box or under the front seat.

If your vehicle doesn’t have an alarm, consider getting one fitted and use other deterrents such as a steering lock.

BREAKING: Man’s body discovered by walker on Derbyshire trail