Warning after cat drowns


It was with great sadness this weekend that a neighbour who lived over the back from me came and gave me the very tragic news that his cat of 13 years had gone missing, but she had now been found drowned in a water butt. I haven’t been able to stop crying since he told me. I love cats dearly and have 10 of my own.

I would be very obliged if you could let your readers know the dangers of these ridiculous garden water catchers. Firstly, how unnecessary they are, a county that has it’s fair share of rainfall surely doesn’t need these ridiculous contraptions in their gardens, and secondly, if they really must have them, to ensure that the lids are securely tied so that another poor animal, or even more importantly a young child will not meet their untimely, and horrible death.

Our obsession with eco-products is getting beyond the realms of normality and now this water butt has caused the tragic loss of a dearly loved cat, in such a horrible way. My heart goes out to the poor family who have lost their dear cat.

Kitty Ledger

Moorside Lane