Waingroves schoolchildren all set to plant peace trees

John Stamp at Waingroves wood.
John Stamp at Waingroves wood.

Primary School children are set to plant the first of 204 peace trees in a lasting memorial to World War One on Monday.

The peace trees project has seen Waingroves Primary School and the Waingroves Community Trust join forces over the last several months to organise what they hope will be a long lasting and fitting legacy to those who have fallen in World War One.

Not only have the children worked tirelessly to organise the big day on Monday and the coming weeks but they’ve been pivotal in the planning of the Waingroves community woodlands site itself with Community Trust chairman John Stamp and fellow trustee Mike Swinhoe visiting the school every Friday for the last several weeks to work with Year 5 pupils on finalising the finer details of the project such as producing a scale plan of the plantation.

“The children have been absolutely fantastic in the planning of the memorial plantation, each and every pupil has worked incredibly hard to ensure that everything is in place for the big day on Monday.

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with them and I believe they’ve really enjoyed the experience, especially as it’s given them the chance to get out of the classroom and spend time outdoors.

“The project has been huge and it’s going to leave the community with something wonderful that will last for hundreds of years to come,” said a proud John Stamp.

The first trees are set to be planted at 9:30 on Monday morning with several more classes attending throughout the day.