Village has a new sheriff in town in retired nurse

A NEW Neighbourhood Watch in Horsley Woodhouse is clamping down on petty crime after gathering 67 members in just six months.

And the co-ordinator for the village team Lynda Tompkinson is pushing for 100 ‘eyes on the street’ by September.

Former nurse Lynda, 61, of Chestnut Close , has only lived in Horsley Woodhouse just over a year, but after falling in love with the village she was determined to see it crime kept to a minimum.

She said: “We are very lucky that we have very few problems here. We have a little bit of anti-social behaviour.

“But they have had a bit of trouble in Kilburn and Denby - they’ve had a lot of shed thefts and a few burglaries.

“If you need to up the police presence in those places we are only the next village along.

“We need to report these things to police as soon as they happen!”

The quiet village saw six crimes reported to police in December and only three in November.

Out of those, six 999 calls were for anti-social behaviour incidents.

But Lynda is sure that with a growing Neighbourhood Watch, the first in Horsley Woodhouse since a previous group folded two years ago, there will be a reduction in that type of crime.

Other problems facing the village include dog fouling, and in the winter months, stealing from the borough council owned grit bins for spreading on private driveways, she says.

Lynda added that lead thefts from residential properties are a concern for the group, as they are on the increase nationally.

But her main aim is to make the community more vigilant.

In the group’s February newsletter, Lynda wrote: “Hopefully if we can catch some of these criminals who are causing our village problems with their bad behaviour, it will get around that our village will not put up with bad behaviour, and criminals will realise they stand a good chance of being caught and hopefully moved on.”

But the Horsley Woodhouse Neighbourhood Watch is about more than just keeping ‘eyes on the street,’ Lynda adds.

In February the members held a cheese and wine evening and it plans to get the village together to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

“I want to make it more of a ‘community watch’. It’s not just about crime prevention, it’s about trying to get the village together.”

If you are interested in joining the group, call Lynda on 01332 780456.