VIDEO: Terrifying dash cam shows clown run towards car on dark road

This terrifying footage shows the moment a clown walked into the path of a driver and stood waving in the middle of a dark road - before running AT the car.

The dash cam footage shows the car driving down an empty road at night when the person - dressed in full clown costume - walks out into the middle of the road.

The video shows the driver reversing away from the clown, as it runs towards the car, before shifting into gear and hurtling towards the clown. The driver was returning from a family evening in Rotherham, when he was confronted by the clown.

The eerie footage was submitted to Sheffield Clown Sightings on Facebook.

The video is part of the #killerclown social media phenomenon, in which people dressed as clowns have been committing antisocial acts and posting them online.