Video: Ripley rescue heroes fight floods

Water rescue heroes from Ripley who helped fight the diastrous floods in the Home Counties are in search of a new home.

Watersafe UK Search and Rescue Team (WUKSART), is temporarily based at Ripley Fire Station, and is appealing to the readers of the News to help it find a permanent base.

Deputy team leader Jim Evans was part of the nine-strong group of volunteers that were tasked with helping out along the upper reaches of the Thames Valley last month.

Jim, 42, of Heanor Road, Smalley, said this week: “We were down there on Friday to provide specialist boat rescue coverage in case the predicted weather hit.

“Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as predicted so there were few emergency evacuations.

“Instead we assisted with and checked on flood defences and properties, and made sure people were OK.”

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