VIDEO: Ripley and Heanor’s New Year Honours winners 2014!

From two tireless mums to a talented team coach who turned the fortunes of an ailing football club - this year’s New Year’s Honours winners were nominated for a variety of good deeds.

But each one of our class of 2014 shares a common trait - a selfless will to help others for the good of our community.

Back in November we asked our readers to nominate the people they believe deserve a little bit of recognition for the hard work they put in for the good of others.

After a brilliant response we invited the top nominees to join us at an awards ceremony at Codnor Sports Pavilion yesterday.

It is the third year we haver run the New Year Honours Awards - and while we never portend to throw a glitzy bash - this year’s was by far the best attended as more than 40 folk came to cheer on our winners.

Ripley and Heanor News editor Julie Crouch, said: “It was my pleasure to present our 2014 New Year Honours. We had lots of nominations this year and it was a really hard but enjoyable task to select the eventual winners.

“What they all had in common, as in other years, is that they all make a massive difference to other people’s lives by what they do. All of them do it voluntarily too and they don’t expect a reward. They should all be proud of themselves.

“I can’t wait for next year’s event now as I’m sure there are lots of other worthy unsung community heroes out there who deserve a thank you.”

Our awards are about giving those unsung heroes their moment in the spotlight - so grab a copy of the Ripley and Heanor News on Thursday, March 6 to read all about them.

For now check out the video of yesterday’s awards ceremony.