VIDEO: Derbyshire Times helps set national Twitter agenda

The summer solstice is upon us and all day we’ve been out and about getting glorious footage to mark the Longest Day.

Our teams have visited all areas of Derbyshire to get a snapshot of life in our amazing county for this brilliant video, edited by Marisa Cashill.

Cloudscape at sunrise

Cloudscape at sunrise

At one point today our Longest Day project was one of the most talked about subjects on the social networking site Twitter – clearly you’ve loved it.

The day started at 2am with our news teams welcoming in the summer solstice at the historic Nine Ladies Stone Circle site in Stanton Lees.

Derbyshire Times Editor James Mitchinson said: “The DT news team sprang into life at 2am, and will knock-off at around midnight. That’s how much they wanted to show the best of Derbyshire.

“At one point, #LongestLocalDay was trending third on UK Twitter feeds, demonstrating the capability of Johnston Press’ journalists across Britain and Ireland.

“I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to everyone that got involved - but especially the readers who went out of their way to send us videos. Thank you!”

From then on we’ve been touring the county to capture its people, its scenery and ev erything inbetween for your viewing pleasure.

You’ve been getting involved by sending us your videos, too.

James Marples, of Chesterfield College, which sponsored the project, said: “It’s a wonderful way of showing just what local people get up to each day.

“It’s a great idea to be involved with, which just goes to show the sheer variety of activities the residents of this area do every day.”