UPDATE: Shop staff lucky to be alive after car crash causes £10k of damage in Heanor


The owner of Heanor Antiques Centre said staff were lucky to escape unhurt and the car which crashed into the shop has caused at least £10,000 worth of damage to rare items.

A man crashed his silvery grey mini into the front window of the shop on Ilkeston Road, Heanor at 12pm on Saturday, February 25.

Jane Richards, owner of the centre, said: “It was really scary but luckily everyone is okay and safe which is the main thing.

“The shop was busy and there was a lot of people inside when the crash happened. One member of staff had just stepped away from a cabinet when the car came through the window and a cabinet was smashed. If it had happened seconds earlier it may have been a very different story but everyone in the shop has been lucky.”
A Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said the driver was trapped in the car by his injuries and initially he was treated by members of the public.

Crews from Ilkeston and Heanor attended the call-out and were assisted by police and ambulance and joined by the air ambulance who took the man to hospital after he was rescued from the car.

Jane added: “The car was travelling up the hill to Langley Mill when it hit a kerb and ploughed into the shop.

“The crash has caused more than £10,000 worth of damage to stock from including some very valuable Royal Copenhagen Pottery in the cabinet that smashed.”