University of Derby stops advertising on Mail Online website

The University of Derby has campuses in Derby, Buxton and Chesterfield,

The University of Derby has announced it will no longer advertise on Mail Online.

Twitter users complained to the university after seeing its adverts next to this column on the world's most visited English-language newspaper website.

Twitter users complained after the University of Derby's adverts appeared alongside this column.

Rufus Westwood said on the social networking site: "Your ads are next to this awful column in the Daily Mail.

"Please don't fund their hate by placing ads with them."

In a statement, the University of Derby said: "Like many organisations, we use programmatic advertising.

"While we pay careful attention to the publishers used, occasionally our ads get displayed alongside articles that we would not have chosen.

"Having spoken with our supplier, we're unable to satsifactorily exclude our ads from all webpages containing content which contradicts our values.

"To ensure that one possible conflict is eliminated, we will be stopping our ads from appearing on Mail Online."

We have given Mail Online the opportunity to comment but have not yet received a response.

The University of Derby, which is home to around 34,000 students in all areas of study, has campuses in Derby, Buxton and Chesterfield.

Mail Online is the website of the Conservative Daily Mail newspaper and boasts 27.2million monthly unique visitors.

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