Travellers arrive in town car park

Caravans given 24 hours to leave Ilkeston car park.
Caravans given 24 hours to leave Ilkeston car park.

THREE caravans which parked up in an Ilkeston town centre car park this weekend were given 24 hours to move today (Monday).

Erewash Borough Council has slapped a notice, signed by its solicitor, on each van threatening court action if they do not vacate Pimlico car park by tomorrow.

Shoppers have told the Advertiser that the travellers, who have stopped at the back of car park next to the Scala Cinema with gas bottles and a generator, should leave.

One woman said: “I feel sorry for them because I suppose they’ve got to park somewhere.

“But a car park is not the right place.

“You don’t know who they are and you’ve got to leave your car here.”

An occupant of one of the vans was seen ripping down the council’s notice from the door on Monday afternoon.

“Why can’t they be moved on straightaway?” asked another shopper.

“They are taking up spaces in the car park.

“There were people wanting to use the market on Saturday and they couldn’t park.

“They should be kicked off.”

Other residents have been more sympathetic.

Daniel Green on Twitter said: “I don’t care [about travellers], everyone has to be somewhere!”

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