Nurse’s plea to find beloved cat so he can be buried

A Belper veterinary nurse whose cat was killed in a road accident is appealing for the return of his body so she can bury it.

Kay Naden, of Nottingham Road, contacted the News after her 15-year-old tabby cat Morris was killed on Thursday, July 12, at the junction of Nottingham Road and Wilmot Road.

Heartbroken Kay, who was away on holiday at the time, said: “I know he was killed because someone on Wilmot Road picked up his body off the road and placed it on the pavement at the bottom of Wilmot Road.

“Another person then picked him up and placed him on the wall of Black Horse Cottage. Unfortunately after this no-one seems to know what happened to him, his body just ‘disappeared’.

“My problem isn’t that my cat was killed, it is that I have not been able to locate his remains and bring them home to bury in the place he has lived for the past 15 years.

“I am left not knowing where he is or what someone has done with him. We all read about how important it is to microchip your pets so that you can be re-united with them if they get lost, well my cat was microchipped but no-one has contacted the micro-chipping company to report his death or report finding his body, which means no-one has scanned for his chip.

“The reply from most people we have spoken to was, ‘I saw him but didn’t know what to do’ or ‘I saw him but he was dead so there was nothing I could do’.”

Kay now wants to let News readers know that something could have been done for Morris. She said: “Someone could have taken the time to pick him up and take him to a local veterinary surgeon – there are two in Belper alone – where they would have scanned him and been able to contact me.

“Alternatively they could have contacted Amber Valley Environmental Health who would have come out, collected him and again scanned him for a microchip and contacted me.

“Either way I would have had my cat back and it would have cost the person nothing but a little bit of their time.

“Not every cat on the side of the road is a stray, some of them are much-loved family members that deserve a little respect in death. If anyone saw him on Nottingham Road or knows what happened to him could they please get in touch with me through your paper?”

If you would like to contact Kay via the News, then call 01773 514163.