Reminder to Ripley taxis and motorists about responsible nightlife parking

Ripley. Picture: Google Maps.
Ripley. Picture: Google Maps.

Derbyshire Police are reminding taxi drivers and people enjoying the Ripley nightlife to ensure they get their cabs from the taxi rank and help ease concerns about parking.

The advice comes from officers on the North Division Licensing Team following complaints about taxis parking on the corner of the junctions of Church Street and Nottingham Road, at the crossing.

Sgt. Mat Winterbottom, of the North Division Licensing Team, said: “We’re reminding taxi drivers and those wanting to use a taxi to get them home from Ripley town centre after a night out to make sure they go to the dedicated taxi ranks, just a short walk away, and help us to ease concerns about road safety in the Church Street and Nottingham Road area.

“It is part of the one way system in the town centre, and an area which gets busy as it is near to numerous venues and also a takeaway. Parking there is illegal, and it makes it less safe for other drivers needing to get past and also for people crossing the roads."

Police have also urged other motorists to be "aware of the parking restrictions", and to keep taxi bays free for taxi drivers to use.

The parking bays further along Nottingham Road, before it joins Grosvenor Road become a taxi rank after midnight, or around the Market Place area.

Sgt. Winterbottom added: “We will be sending letters to taxi firms in the area to remind them of these restrictions, and we’d like everyone to take this advice on board as it will help us keep the town safe for everyone enjoying the nightlife in Ripley.

“Our officers will be working with the licensing team at Amber Valley Borough Council on future spot checks and, if necessary, enforcement will be taken during these checks.”