Traders speak on trams project

Ripley town centre, Grosvenor Road.
Ripley town centre, Grosvenor Road.

Traders have given a mixed reaction to proposals to bring the trams back into Ripley after it was agreed to look into the multi-million pound plan.

Some business owners in the town have backed the £180 million project saying it would bring shoppers in, while others have declared it a ‘waste of money’.

Ripley town centre, Oxford Street.

Ripley town centre, Oxford Street.

Tony Hoult, relief manager at Ripley Bed Centre, in Oxford Street, believes it will have a positive impact on the roads.

He said: “I think the plans to extend the trams into 
Ripley are a good use of taxpayers’ money. I think it will get people out of cars and on to pubic transport, which is pumping money back into the Government, and also helping to crack down on congestion on our roads. I also think it would bring more business to the area.”

Paul Walker, owner of Walker’s Butchers shop, on Oxford Street also agreed.

He said: “I think 
anything that could 
potentially bring more 
business and tourism to the town is a positive thing and should be supported.”

Pamela Atkins, a shop assistant who has worked in the town for over 30 years, also echoed support for the plans.

She said: “The town needs to start welcoming change.

“I genuinely believe if the plans were to be approved it would be a positive thing and would encourage people to visit.”

However, Jackie Carruthers, 
manager of bridal shop Tiffanys of Oxford Street, said: “I think the plan to bring the tram from Nottingham to Ripley is a 
terrible idea and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

“It would cause such an upheaval and I think it would wreck the place. It will take people away from Ripley as they would have an easy route to a city centre.”

David Melbourne, 
manager of Fowlers music shop on Oxford Street said: “At this moment in time they are only plans. I am not convinced that it will go ahead. It is an
awful lot of money to spend for an outcome that is not yet 
predictable – we need to remember it is still very early days.”

The trams, if approved, would be an extension of the current Nottingham system.