Town’s lights are let down


I’d just like to make these few comments.

Once again Xmas is upon us again.

On Monday, December 5, they switched Heanor Xmas lights on. The weather was terrible, once again – rain, sleet, snow, windy and extremely cold.

A lot of people turned out in these conditions.

There was lots of stalls on the market again, various side shows, coffee and tea and stalls in the Methodist church. There were fair rides for the children and adults. There was a band and carol singing – a good night.

Well the reason why I am writing this letter is that Heanor Xmas lights, well, they were appalling.

Honestly I don’t know why they bother putting them up.

If the job was not to be done properly, why bother at all?

Also the lights are all over Market Place and High Street – where are the lights for Derby Road, Tesco, the precinct and for two nights the lights outside the Town Hall have not been on.

A S Grundy

Derby Road