Touring theatre give students driving safety lesson

Mill Hill Students with members of the theatre group
Mill Hill Students with members of the theatre group

Students from Mill Hill School were given a lesson about the dangers of reckless driving by a touring theatre company.

Sixth formers watched a play called Full Stop, which was brought to the Ripley school by Derbyshire County Council’s Road Safety Team.

The play focuses on the story of young drivers, one of whom drives without insurance after just passing his test and then ends up causing a fatal car crash.

The students also watched film footage of interviews with parents who had lost children in road accidents.

Student James Turner, 17, of Ripley, said the play and film footage really hit home.

He said: “It raises your awareness of the kinds of distractions there are when you are driving, it was a real wake-up call.”

Student Jack-Henry Melbourne, 17, of Ripley, is learning to drive at the moment. He said: “The play was good, it was very accurate and realistic. It really makes you think about the dangers of driving and raises your awareness of the risks involved.”

Steve Richardson, Director of Learning for Years 12 and 13 at Mill Hill, said the play and films were an effective way of reminding students of the dangers of driving.

He said: “A lot of our students are learning to drive and getting their first cars and I think this play and the films just served as a timely reminder to them about the potential dangers of driving.

“One of the films involved an accident that had actually happened being re-created and that was very powerful.”