Tour de Fritchley

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Budding young cyclists at Fritchley Primary School have been taking part in the government’s Bikeability scheme this week.

Designed to give youngsters the skills and confidence they need to cycle on busy roads, the programme introduced key stage 1 children to pedal-less balance bikes, which taught them to 
balance and countersteer while riding.

Eventually, after some practice the children were confident enough to run and scoot around cones. Some even dared to lift both feet off the ground while balancing on the two wheels.

Although some of the children were already able to ride a bike, the children had great fun whilst developing their cycling skills.

Inspired by this year’s Tour de France, some of the children ventured up to Yorkshire last weekend to try and pick up some extra cycling tips from some of the best riders in the world.

Who knows, in a few years time we could see one of them in a yellow jersey... Watch this space!