Top honour presented for car showroom project

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THIS picture we have taken from our own archives is lacking lots of information to tell us exactly what it was all about.

It says it was taken at some kind of business awards and is merely labeled ‘Midshire Developments Award..

We know the shot was taken some time in 1986 and the certificate was presented for the BSC Colourcoat Building Award. It’s a good bet it had something to do with house building excellence at for building project.

To job your memories if you know anything about the shot and can fill us in, making their debuts on television that year was Australian soap opera Neighbours and fire drama London’s Burning.

It was also the year that former Beatle Ringo Starr narrated his last episode of children’s favourite Thomas the Thank Engine and Friends for youngster viewers.

Reading the certificate it shows that the honour was given for building a car showroom in Derby – but which was one it?

If you know anything about the picture or better still are one of the people pictured then get in touch and let us what the ceremony was all about.

You can contact us by email at or by phone on 01773 514162 or pop in to the office..