Top gran Susan in running for award

A MUM who was turned down for IVF treatment because of her weight has nominated her own mother for a national award for the support she gave her.

Susan Wright has reached the final of the Infacol Baby Bonding Awards after supporting her daughter through several failed attempts at dieting before she lost seven and a half stones and through a stressful birth.

Emma Byrne, 34, of Cromford Road in Langley Mill, said: “My husband and I were told we wouldn’t be able to have children without IVF and then we were turned down for it because I weighed too much.”

Emma, a senior support worker, went on to have a difficult pregnancy, and an even tougher birth, breaking her foot at 38 weeks, and then falling ill just three days after coming home. However, 61-year-old Susan, of Broadlane, in Brinsley, stepped in and used her holiday time to take care of little boy Charlie who is now 21 weeks.

Infacol’s “Diamond” Baby Bonding award recognises grandparents who have helped mums bond with their baby and is being supported and judged by ‘ultimate gran’ Gloria Hunniford.

Susan will find out if she has won on February 20. The winner gets an engraved glass bowl.