Top copper's message of hope soured by bloodbath Tarantino poster

Derbyshire's highest ranking police officer has come under fire after his Christmas message video was labelled '˜inappropriate'.

Thursday, 22nd December 2016, 2:32 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:13 pm
Derbyshire Chief Constable, Mick Creedon's Christmas video.

In the video, Chief Constable Mick Creedon, poses in front of two photographs - one of which shows the cast of the once-banned and famously violent Quentin Tarantino film, Reservoir Dogs.

In one particularly notorious scene, a police officer’s ear is cut off by a sadistic thief who has just robbed a bank.

One reader who contacted the Derbyshire Times about the video said that they felt that the choice of back drop was ‘totally inappropriate’.

Derbyshire Chief Constable, Mick Creedon's Christmas video (detail).

The other photograph in the video is a famous shot of two Olympic athletes making a ‘black power’ salute at the 1968 Mexico games.

In the video, Mr Creedon wishes members of the public a safe, happy Christmas and New Year, and offers his thanks to our communities for their support over the last 12 months.

We have asked Derbyshire Police to comment on the video and will publish their response as soon as we receive it.

Derbyshire Chief Constable, Mick Creedon's Christmas video (detail).